Ultra-Fine Tip Electrosurgical Dissection

OptiMicro™ Ultra-Fine Tip Needle Electrodes

Electrosurgery is widely accepted for performing surgical dissection procedures because of the ability to cut while simultaneously providing hemostasis to reduce bleeding. However, the common perception of electrosurgery is that it causes high tissue temperature, which results in delayed healing, excessive scarring, etc. This is indeed correct for standard electrosurgical electrode configurations, but improved materials and manufacturing methods are now used to dispel this stereotype.

Using ultra-fine tip Opti-Micro™ electrosurgical needles, designed with exceptional geometry and an extremely small surface area, allows for high current densities at very low power settings. This results in precise dissection without adverse thermal effects and excellent healing results for small-scale procedures.

Benefits in plastic surgery procedures include:

  • Excellent approximation and pinpoint control for bilateral symmetry in blepharoplasty.
  • Excellent approximation and cosmetic results, and minimal nerve/muscle stimulation (“twitch”) during facelift.
  • Thermal tissue injury is virtually eliminated, allowing excellent healing results with minimal scarring.

Benefits in head and neck surgery procedures include:

  • The practical elimination of thermal damage to help reduce post-surgical pain and recovery time after tonsillectomy and UPPP.
  • The extremely concentrated cutting geometry allows the use of very low power settings, minimizing the risk of stray electrosurgical currents.



The OptiMicro™ Needle electrode is a sterile, single use disposable ultra-fine needle electrode for use with most electrosurgical units (ESUs).


  • Thermal tissue injury is minimized, allowing excellent healing results.
  • Output power settings are very low, minimizing nerve and muscle cell stimulation and stray electrosurgical currents.
  • Tungsten electrode withstands high current densities, and maintains sharpness throughout procedure.
  • Substantially reduces smoke plume and odor compared to standard blade geometry tips.


The OptiMicro Needle electrodes are intended for use in virtually every surgical discipline where very fine, precise tissue dissection with a minimum of thermal injury is desired especially where excellent cosmetic results are desired.

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