Products and Capabilities ➞ Electrosurgery

The Utah Medical Products Electrosurgery product line includes; Epitome® Electrosurgical Scalpels, OptiMicro™ Ultra-Fine Tip Electrosurgical Needles, Finesse®+ Electrosurgical Generators, Filtresse™ Surgical Smoke Evacuation Systems, and Finesse®+ Accessories that include electrosurgery pens, dispersive pads, filters, footswitches, and smoke evacuator conversion kits.

Finesse® +

Finesse®+ Electrosurgical Generators with integrated smoke evacuation feature an electronic design that improves results for office-based procedures of gynecologists and other medical specialties.

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Filtresse™ is a low-cost surgical smoke evacuation system that is ideal for office-based electrosurgery or laser surgery.

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Electrosurgical Accessories

UTMD’s electrosurgical accessories complement the Finesse® +, Finesse® II+, and most other electrosurgical systems.

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The Epitome® Scalpel electrode uses a fine-wire element at the edge of a non-conductive ceramic core to focus the current at the edge of the blade, resulting in clean tissue dissection with minimal thermal injury.

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The OptiMicro™ Needle ultra-fine tip electrosurgical electrodes are designed to provide precise dissection without adverse thermal effects to yield excellent cosmetic results.

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Gynecological Electrodes

UtahLoop® and C-LETZ® gynecology electrodes are trusted to give high confidence of clear margins with minimal removal of healthy cervical tissue.

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