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For more than 35 years, Utah Medical Products, Inc.® has been supplying other companies in the medical device industry throughout the world with high quality electronic and plastic components and assemblies.

We have the experience and capabilities to handle the most complex silicone and thermoplastic molding requirements for both medical and non-medical applications. Request a Quote for your custom molding needs.

Pressure Transducers

Deltran® disposable pressure transducer configurations are available with or without an integral flush device and stopcock. A cable test-port allows for easy verification of monitoring system accuracy.

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Pressure Monitor Cables

UTMD Pressure Monitor Cables provide the interface between Deltran® transducers and many pressure monitor models.

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Flush Devices

UTMD offers the Delta-Flow™ flush device in a variety of configurations in both 3cc/hour and 30cc/hour.

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Calibration and Verification

Delta-Cal™ and Veri-Cal™ Pressure Transducer Simulator/Tester combines into a hand-held enclosure the devices necessary to verify function and accuracy of the blood pressure measurement system.

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Molded Components

UTMD's Molded Components include a variety of caps, tubing connectors, adaptors, syringe sheaths, blood bag spikes, threaded vials, etc.

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Pressure Monitoring Lines

Our pressure monitoring lines are kink resistant, yet flexible PVC tubing.

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The Utah Medical disposable Stopcock is available in several different configurations.

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In addition to our standard OEM components and accessories, Utah Medical Products® offers subcontract manufacturing and molding services.

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