Electrosurgical Dissection

Epitome® Scalpel Electrodes

Electrosurgery is widely accepted for performing surgical dissection procedures because of the ability to cut while simultaneously providing hemostasis to reduce bleeding. However, the common perception of electrosurgery is that it causes high tissue temperature, which results in delayed healing, excessive scarring, etc. This is indeed the case for standard electrosurgical electrode configurations, but improved materials and manufacturing methods are now used to correct this stereotype.

The Epitome® electrosurgical scalpel design is intended to substantially improve surgical results. A fine wire element surrounds the periphery of a non-conductive ceramic core. A spark plasma is formed around the wire to yield an ideal balance of precise tissue dissection without countertraction, and hemostasis with minimal thermal tissue injury.

Benefits in plastic and reconstructive surgery procedures include:

  • Rapid and precise cutting through dense breast tissue with minimal flap damage and scarring during reduction mammaplasty and mastectomy. 
  • Rapid elevation of the abdominal flap and reduction or elimination of seroma in abdominoplasty.

Benefits in head and neck surgery procedures include:

  • Minimized thermal tissue damage to help reduce post-surgical pain and recovery time after tonsillectomy and UPPP. 
  • The concentrated cutting geometry allows the use of lower power settings, reducing the risk of inadvertent facial nerve and muscle stimulation.
  • Reduced thermal damage during Tumor Removal provides an excellent specimen for pathological assessment.


The Epitome® Scalpel electrode is a sterile, single use disposable blade electrode for use with most electrosurgical units (ESUs).


  • Quick and precise cutting through dense breast tissue when performing reduction mammaplasty and mastectomy.
  • Quickly elevates abdominal flap and reduces or eliminates seroma in abdominoplasty.
  • Reduces thermal tissue injury, yet easily dissects fatty tissue without increasing power settings.
  • Minimizes necrotic zone to help reduce circulation complications in skin flaps.
  • Minimizes thermal effects during tonsillectomy and UPPP, potentially reducing post-surgical pain and allowing a faster return to normal diet.
  • Short tip of the "bendable" version promotes precise tonsil excision with minimized risk for peripheral tissue burns.
  • The bendable shaft allows for easy access to IMA with quick, clean performance and minimal thermal injury.
  • ZapGuard™ is available on select Epitome® scalpels to reduce potential for electrical shocks and burns.


The Epitome® Scalpel electrodes are intended for use in virtually every surgical discipline where flat, paddle-type electrosurgical blades are used for making straight cuts through tissue.


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