Suprapubic Catheterization

Supra-Foley® 16 Fr Suprapubic Catheterization Kit

Urinary drainage via the suprapubic route is recognized as an effective method of bladder drainage that causes fewer complications compared to urethral catheterization, including a reduced incidence of infection and trauma, a reduced risk of catheter blockage and less patient inconvenience. The Supra-Foley® is designed for easy, controllable suprapubic catheter introduction.


The Supra-Foley® is a suprapubic catheter introducer designed for ease of use and control during bladder drainage.


  • Sharp stainless steel tip is integral to the trocar, providing increased control during introducer penetration.
  • Precise cannula and trocar integration provide smooth tract dilation with minimal excoriation.
  • Integrated urine flashback lumen provides immediate feedback upon bladder access, minimizing the risk of a posterior bladder puncture.
  • Cannula is locked into trocar handle to maintain introducer integrity during insertion, yet quickly unlocks for trocar removal.
  • Color-coded protective shield ensures quick identification of introducer size.


• Pre-, intra- and post-operative bladder drainage as requested by physician.
• Outflow obstruction.
• Chronic retention.
• Urethral trauma.
• Urethral strictures or fistula.
• Neuropathic bladder dysfunction.


• Pregnancy.
• Contracted bladder.
• Severe skin changes at puncture site.
• Venous obstruction.
• Abdominal varicosity.
• Gross lower abdominal tumor.
• Bladder capacity less than 400ml.
• Intestinal fistula (adjacent colostomy).

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