Peripheral Catheterization

PICC-Nate® Peripheral Vascular Access Catheters

PICC-Nate® is used for central venous catheter indwelling longevity while minimizing neonatal trauma. Multiple special design features have been incorporated at clinician request including developmentally friendly materials, low profile and extended hub configurations and intracorporeal positioning aids.


PICC-Nate® is a peripherally inserted central catheter specially designed to avoid irritating the baby’s delicate tissues.


  • Slender, low-profile hub reduces patient discomfort.
  • Reinforced hub reduces catheter breakage.
  • Accurate catheter positioning accomplished with depth marking at every centimeter.
  • Catheter shaft diameters reduced to minimize puncture wound.
  • Barium sulfate-loaded catheter body provides radiopacity for flouroscopic visualization.
  • Soft, strong silicone shaft material provides "tissue friendly" long-term care.
  • Also available in thermosensitive polyurethane which is easier to insert, yet softens after placement.


PICC-Nate® is designed for use when long term central venous catheterization is prescribed.


• Lack of qualified healthcare practitioner for catheter insertion and placement.
• Known or suspected catheter-related infection.
• Patient's vasculature insufficient to accommodate size of catheter.
• Previous trauma of potential insertion site.
• Previous episodes of venous thrombosis, or previous vascular surgical procedure at the potential insertion site.
• Inability to properly stabilize catheter at insertion site.
• Previously opened or damaged catheter package, or past expiration date.


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