Pala-Nate® Orotracheal Protection

Pala-Nate® Orotracheal Protection

Pala-Nate® is a silicone orotracheal protection device which gently protects the palate from localized pressures that cause palatal grooving.

Protect your patients from palatal grooving with the Pala-Nate® palate guards. Available in four sizes, Pala-Nate® is made of a resilient, soft silicone specially designed for exceptional adherence and fit.

  • Available in 4 sizes to meet the needs of the smallest premature infant to the largest infant.
  • Made of soft silicone for optimal comfort and protection.
  • Specially designed for proper adherence and fit.
  • Retentive baseplate is well tolerated by infant, and serves to support the feeding tubes in their passage through the mouth.
  • Efficient in reducing spontaneous extubations.
  • Eliminates the need for taking an impression, necessary with custom devices, which increases infant stimulation.
  • Cost effective - Less personnel time involved in maintenance, and much less expensive than custom devices.


Without proper palatal protection, the effects of prolonged neonatal intubation could appear long after your tiny patients leave your special care.

Early insertion of a soft palatal guard helps in the natural formation of their soft, developing palate. Without protection, studies have shown a high incidence of palatal grooving - a condition caused by orotracheal tube pressure - that could affect a child's normal speech, language, dental and orofacial development.



— 1. Wrap 1/4" wide medical tape around the endotracheal tube (ET) at a location to allow suturing to Elastoplast tape on neonate's upper lip.
— 2. Adhere 1/2" to 3/4" strip of Elastoplast to the neonate's upper lip.
— 3. Select the right or left side of the ET for placement of the first suture loop through the tape wrapped around the ET.
— 4. Suture from the tape through the bottom edge of the Elastoplast tape. Make sure the suture is tight.
— 5. Position the Pala-Nate® in mouth as required, placing the Pala-Nate® tab on top of the ET adjacent to the suture loop.
— 6. For best results, a second clinician should assist by holding the Pala-Nate® tab securely on top of the ET. Place the second suture loop on the other side of the ET and through the Elastoplast while holding the Pala-Nate® in place.
— 7. Making sure the tab of the Pala-Nate® is between the sutures, wrap a second piece of medical tape over the tab and around the ET.
— 8. Procedure should take approximately three minutes.

Pala-Nate® Palate Guards

Model Number Description Unit of Measure Image
4001500 Pala-Nate® Palate Guard - Extra Small (1.5 cm X 1.3 cm). * 10/BOX Pala-Nate® Palate Guard - Extra Small. Model 4001500
4002000 Pala-Nate® Palate Guard - Small (2.0 cm X 1.8 cm). * 10/BOX Pala-Nate® Palate Guard - Small. Model 4002000
4002500 Pala-Nate® Palate Guard - Medium (2.5 cm X 2.0 cm). * 10/BOX Pala-Nate® Palate Guard - Medium. Model 4002500
4003000 Pala-Nate® Palate Guard - Large (3.0 cm X 2.7 cm). * 10/BOX Pala-Nate® Palate Guard - Large. Model 4003000
* Product is CE Marked

Pala-Nate® Palate Guard Sampler Kits

Model Number Description Unit of Measure Image
4005000 Pala-Nate® Sampler Kit (2 X-Sm, 3 Sm, 3 Med, 2 Lrg). * 1/EA  
* Product is CE Marked

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