Long-Term Enteral Feeding

Nutri-Cath® with ENFit™ Enteral Feeding Systems

Nutri-Cath® is an indwelling nasogastric, orogastric or nasojejunal enteral feeding catheter for continuous or intermittent neonatal or pediatric feedings up to thirty days’ duration. Its use avoids multiple and frequent feeding tube placements that are likely to be traumatic to delicate tissues. The optimal biocompatibility of silicone yields a soft, nonstiffening, nonclogging catheter that will not perforate or adhere to the lining of the stomach, minimizing potential interruption to neonatal sleep cycles.

As an alternative for clinicians needing faster flow rates and ease of placement via a stiffer catheter, Nutri-Cath is also available made of Tecoflex® polyurethane. This advanced thermosensitive formulation of polyurethane softens at body temperature such that its physical characteristics emulate silicone after placement. In addition, the higher tensile strength of polyurethane compared to silicone provides more resistance to breaking, and allows a thinner wall thickness for the same size outer diameter, which provides faster feed flow rates.

Nutri-Lok™ is a family of locking extension sets, Monoject™ oral dispensing syringes, Kangaroo ePump™ bag and other enteral feeding accessories for use in conjunction with Nutri-Cath® that ensure secure connections, and will not mate with female luer IV line connectors.


Nutri-Cath® is a nasogastric, orogastric or nasojejunal catheter designed for enteral feeding in the neonatal or pediatric intensive care setting.


  • Nutri-Cath® can safely indwell for up to 30 days without adverse affects.
  • Silicone and polyurethane material will not perforate, clog or adhere to lining of stomach during sampling.
  • Less interruption of important sleep cycles because it is softer.
  • Barium sulfate-loaded catheter is highly visible under x-ray for easy verification of tip placement.
  • Orange hub identifies enteral-only connection to prevent accidental medication infusion.
  • Depth markings graduated every centimeter.
  • Choice of standard luer lock connector for continuous feed connection or oral dose connector for intermittent feeding.
  • Four sizes: 3.5 French, 5 French, 6.5 French, and 8 or 8.5 French sizes accommodate the full range of babies, even 500g preemies.
  • All sizes available in the following lengths: 40 cm, 58 cm, 93 cm.
  • DEHP Free.


Nutri-Cath® should be used for administration of enteral feeding solutions only.


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