TVUS/HSG-Cath™ Trans-Cervical Catheters

In situations of unexplained infertility and recurrent pregnancy loss, hysterosalpingography (HSG) is a radiographic imaging procedure used to help find the cause. In this procedure, the balloon on the TVUS/HSG-Cath™ infusion catheter is tested for patency and the catheter is flushed with contrast media. The tip of the catheter is then placed at the cervical os and gently inserted to the desired depth so that the balloon placement is fully intrauterine, aided by depth markings on the catheter shaft. The inflation syringe is set to the 1.5cc mark and attached to the inflation port, and the syringe plunger is fully depressed. The inflation stopcock is now closed and the syringe is removed. The catheter is gently pulled back until the balloon abuts the internal os. The proprietary conical shape of the TVUS/HSG-Cath™ balloon provides effective contrast media stoppage at the internal os without patient discomfort. Contrast media is then infused through the catheter injection port into the uterus. Permeation of the contrast media through the fallopian tubes is monitored using real-time x-ray. Spillage of the contrast media into the peritoneal space rules out infertility due to tubal obstruction.


TVUS/HSG-Cath™ is a saline/contrast media infusion catheter.


  • Peel-away guide facilitates placement of catheter and can be removed from the catheter prior to imaging.
  • Pre-loaded stylet option is ready for immediate insertion when stenosis is present.
  • Markings indicate insertion depth to help avoid uterine perforation.
  • Optimized liquid infusion cross-section to achieve infusion flow rates without significant hand pressure.
  • Proprietary conical-shaped balloon is designed to provide effective saline stoppage at the internal os without patient discomfort.


Hysterosalpingography (HSG): with contrast media
• Unexplained infertility.
• Recurrent pregnancy loss.


• Known or suspected pregnancy.
• Pelvic infection.

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