Endoscopic Irrigation

Pathfinder Plus™ Endoscopic Irrigators

During ureteroscopy, hysteroscopy and other delicate endoscopic procedures bolus irrigation is used to improve visualization and imaging by quickly clearing debris from the surgical field. Since the surgeon knows exactly when and how much irrigation is needed it is beneficial to provide that control to the surgeon. The elegantly simple Pathfinder Plus™ bulb irrigator can be easily and precisely operated with one hand, giving the surgeon control and allowing other members of the surgical team to concentrate on other tasks.

The procedure involves simple preoperative insertion of Pathfinder Plus™ into the irrigation system. Pathfinder Plus™ maintains a slow continuous flush, controlled by irrigant bag height and/or pressure cuff. Surgeon compression of Pathfinder Plus’ bulb releases a highly controllable bolus flush. A gentle squeeze is effective in clearing large amounts of debris from the field, while 'fluttered' pulses can be effective for altering the position of objects in the field.


Pathfinder Plus™ is a continuous and pulsatile bulb irrigation system.


  • Improved visualization.
  • Bulb compresses in various hand-held positions, and fits easily and unobtrusively in one hand.
  • Continuous flow and pulsatile action with minimal tubing.
  • Accurate delivery of bolus irrigation.
  • Optional control - physician or assistant.
  • Scope moves easily with bulb attached.
  • Standard luer lock fittings attach to any scope.
  • Less cumbersome than syringe administration.


The Pathfinder Plus™ Bulb Irrigator is intended for use in endoscopic procedures to provide continuous and bolus irrigant delivery.

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